There is no unequivocal opinion on whether to seek the help of a tutor to obtain new knowledge. For one teacher – the only way out for another – only obstacle. And if you think of the first category of people, you need to know where you can make a mistake, making the choice.

Firstly, the teacher must possess the necessary skills to teach you. This is not about diplomas and certificates, but its about real level. To determine this level, you can ask the teacher to present the methodology of the subject in general, as well as any part of it separately.

This specialist can easily explain what he teaches, why and why necessarily in that order. But trust the set of diplomas that are referenced teacher, not worth it. Rather, it is cause for concern.

Secondly, we should not trust those who say that is constantly engaged in teaching, as well as agreeing to be the fifth-sixth pupil per day. On average, 1 hour of teaching requires 1 hour of training. Therefore, if a tutor of English makes more than 5 lessons per day, it is an alarming sign: perhaps he will be unable to pay due attention to you, because those who are too busy with work, is rarely allocate time for its comprehension and analysis. A coach must constantly analyze the lessons to see clearly what has been done and what remains to be done.

Thirdly, one should pay attention on how clearly and distinctly expresses himself as a tutor in everyday life. If he says flowery, blurry, not in fact, often uses obscure terms, it is best sign to begin to look for another teacher immediately. Such behaviour means that you are trying to deceive and throw dust in the eyes: a good coach always expresses himself in clear and precise answers to questions.

And finally, the last one. If there is an opportunity to take a trial lesson, be sure to do it. It is better to resign from the tutor than to throw down the drain time and money. By the same test lesson will allow you to make the first view of the coach and his style of work. And taking into account the nuances outlined above, you can make the right choice.

Journal «Work and Education»