About us

Our training centre has been involved in the selection of tutors for preparing pupils, applicants and students for graduation and entrance exams for several years. The company cooperates with experienced professional tutors – graduate students, school teachers, high school teachers (PhD) and private tutors who have passed several stages of selection and interviews. Our tutours will find an individual approach to potential students.

The aim of tutors is to catch up on missed material, improve or enhance knowledge of the subject, develop and increase child’s interest to the subject, as well as to teach the child to study independently. Our teachers – professional tutors who not only know their subject perfectly, but also know how to instill love to the subject.

Our training centre prepare students for Ukrainian and foreign institutions. Tutor develops an individual training plan for the student depending on the profile and the specific schools, programs, entrance exams, knowledge and abilities of the student.

Preparation of potential students can be made from different subjects – beginning from simple subjects – beginning from simple subjects, to complex, which students take courses at the senior courses, as well as in music, sculpture, painting and etc. Company tutor Kiev offers preparation for state independence test.

We are happy not only to introduce a teacher for you, but also give you some practical advice in selecting of a private teacher.